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Bespoke Health and Safety Services

We recognise that every business is different and that many teams are starting their journey to best practice health and safety from different points. That’s why we offer services tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Just as we don’t see health and safety as a box-ticking exercise, neither do we take this approach to our working relationships.


We are always happy to work closely with you to design a service that works, or simply to be on hand for those times that you need expert advice and guidance. You might need to bring in additional resource for a project or get a second opinion on a new health and safety system.

To discuss your health and safety needs, get in touch and we will schedule a discovery call​​

Orchard Safety Ltd is here to help with all aspects of your health and safety operations.


Our bespoke consultancy services are backed up by over 20 years’ experience in the health and safety sector and a commitment to keep things simple but effective. We can help in a wide range of ways, including:

Orchard Safety Ltd

conducting accident and incident investigations

Orchard Safety Ltd

support with enforcement visits and notices

Orchard Safety Ltd

addressing issues or actions identified within an audit

Orchard Safety Ltd

developing audit programmes

Orchard Safety Ltd

developing training programmes

Orchard Safety Ltd

reviewing existing leading and lagging key performance indicators (KPIs)

Orchard Safety Ltd

developing new leading and lagging key performance indicators (KPIs)

Orchard Safety Ltd

supporting in your recruitment of health and safety key roles

Tips & Advice

We also have some basic tips, guidance and advice available as downloadable documents. You can find these below.

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