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Health and Safety
Gap Analysis

The secret to excellent health and safety standards is continuous improvement.

It’s one thing to implement an effective health and safety system across your business but what happens next?

If you’re serious about health and safety, you’ll keep a close eye on the system, the legislation, and the sector in which you operate. 

There’s a saying, “the only thing that is constant is change” and for that reason we should always monitor and measure our performance with a view to continuously improving what we do.

We developed our Health and Safety Gap Analysis service because we know that regular health and safety audits are recognised as best practice.

You can engage us for a gap analysis if you would like to review the effectiveness of your safety management systems.

Orchard Safety took time to understand our business and the current situation. There was a genuine desire to use the gap analysis to help us move forward. The approach was flexible, and Sam provided the clarity we needed to structure the gap analysis to get the best results. 
Throughout the process Sam used his experience to provide realistic and sensible solutions to the actions identified – in some cases advising we do less to make the process easier for our employees. Because of the relationship we built and Sam’s approach to health and safety we asked him to continue working with us to help address some of the actions.

People Director

We will provide in-depth assessment, recommendations, and a route map to help you move forward.


The benefits to you are:

Orchard Safety Ltd

Identifying shortfalls in your compliance and creating an action plan to address these

Orchard Safety Ltd

Reviewing your risk control and gaining a balanced view on whether additional or alternative controls are needed

Orchard Safety Ltd

Determining the effectiveness of your current arrangements to confirm they are still benefiting your business

Orchard Safety Ltd

Showing potential and existing customers that you take health and safety seriously

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