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Who we are and what we stand for

A simple recipe for safety success

We understand the challenges and complexities of building and growing a business because we’ve got the t-shirt.


Orchard Safety has a mission: to prove that health and safety doesn’t have to be stuffy. We’re here to show you there’s no need for complicated processes, overbearing bureaucracy, burdensome box-ticking or anyone walking around with a clipboard.


Instead, we will be proactive, build a lasting relationship with you, understand the intricacies or your business, get to know your people and help you build a resilient approach to health and safety.


We believe that creating safer working environments is an outcome of having a working environment that is open, honest, supportive and which creates the chance for its people to learn and understand what keeps them safe.

I would highly recommend Orchard Safety to anyone looking for a fresh approach to health and safety support and advice.

H&S Manager, Logistics/Fulfilment

Orchard Safety was
founded by Sam Neal

"My safety career began in 2006 and has spanned a number of industries including manufacturing, fulfilment, distribution, retail, and leisure.


I love to challenge the status quo, putting people first and making sure I always have an open approach to communicating. Explaining ‘why’ is so important when people engage you for your expertise and I see this as fundamental to people understanding their health and safety strategy.


I’m a Chartered Member of IOSH, and an IOSH mentor and peer review panel member; I have the NEBOSH National General Certificate and the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and was privileged to be asked to join the qualification development panel for the NEBOSH/HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course.

Sam Neal, Founder of Orchard Safety
Orchard Safety Ltd

I’m a stickler for keeping things simple and accessible and I’m not sure I even own a clipboard; such is my desire to challenge the stereotypes associated with my profession!


When I’m not at work, you can find me swinging my little ones around and adopting their playfulness as much as possible. I also like keeping fit and healthy and enjoying family holidays."

Kerry Cotton

"I started my career in operations, working in customer facing roles, before heading up support functions for a national retailer.


I was then given the opportunity to transition across into health and safety and took up a business partner role that supported multiple sites and parts of the business.


Having progressed to managing a team of safety professionals that looked after both retail outlets and a distribution network, I’ve seen lots of scenarios and had lots of experience that I can bring to Orchard Safety.


Kerry Cotton, Operations Director at Orchard Safety Ltd
Orchard Safety Ltd

One of my favourite projects was overseeing the development and integration of a simplified health and safety management system, which included the successful launch of a cloud-based reporting system.


When I’m not at work, I can be found making sure Sam doesn’t injure the kids with all the playfighting. I also enjoy eating out, travelling, watching car crash TV and spending time with my family."

Fadela Kerflani

"I started my career in facilities management, where I first become actively involved in health and safety for a law firm.


I was then given the opportunity to transition into a full-time health and safety role, where I have since gained experience in a number of industries including social housing, construction, manufacturing, leisure and care.   


Most recently, I have managed a safety advice line where I handled complex issues ensuring client's received straightforward advice with a sensible risk-based approach. 

Fadela Kerflani Health & Safety Consultant
Orchard Safety Ltd

When I'm not at work, you can find me on the ice-rink and other winter sport activities. I also enjoy travelling, reading and hiking."

Alex Smythe

"I started my career in visual merchandising, where I first become actively involved in fire, health and safety for a multinational retailer.


I was then given the opportunity to transition into a full-time fire, health and safety officer role, where I have since gained experience in a number of industries including retail, hospitality, warehousing and logistics.   


Most recently, I trained to become a Health, Safety and Environmental Officer for a manufacturing polymers company. Here I assisted to manage HS&E aspects within the buisness to comply with regulations. I also helped to build communication and approachability to create a fair safety culture for all employees.


Alex Smythe_edited.jpg
Orchard Safety Ltd

When I'm not at work, you can find me working on my own health, I believe a healthy body is a healthy mind. I also enjoy being by the seaside, scenic walks and being food lover."

Here to help and advise

As a small, growing business, we appreciate that we can’t do everything. That’s why we work with a team of associates who we call upon as and when we need their specialism.


Because we apply the same priorities to relationship building with them, we’re proud of our extended business family and happily recommend them to our clients.

Our Vision

Orchard Safety Ltd

Our vision is to help businesses establish proactive approaches to health and safety and safety management systems that are simple, effective, and easy to manage.

Our Principles and Values

Orchard Safety Ltd

It’s important to us that we run our business with integrity – after all, honesty and openness are central to what we do.

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service, and always adding value to our clients.

Orchard Safety - We Care

We Care

We develop lasting partnerships and take time to understand your business.

Orchard Safety Integrity


We are open, honest, and straightforward with
the support we provide.

Your people are your priority. We go way beyond compliance.

Orchard Safety - People Focused

People Focused

Orchard Safety - Simplicity


We help navigate and remove unnecessary safety bureaucracy.

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